The female choir QuinnTon

Welcome to the Webpage of QuinnTon

QuinnTon is a female choir in Vasa consisting of about forty happy song-loving women of different ages.

QuinnTon has a varied repertoire, with a certain emphasis on swingy music.
The choir sings everything from pop songs and newly written music to folksongs, hymns and classical music by both Finnish and foreign composers.

Every year QuinnTon usually gives an advent and a spring concert in co-operates with musicians, soloists and other choirs in and outside of Vasa.

QuinnTon was founded in 1985 on the initiative of Noomi Elfving, who was the conductor of the choir until spring 2010. Johanna Törni led the choir 2010-2014. At the moment choirs conductor is since 2014, Maria Timoshenko.

In autumn 2017 Linda Rönnholm will start co-operation with the choir as the conductor and as responsible of the repertoire.